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Steve Gregory - Host / Executive Producer

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Steve Gregory has been with KFI-AM 640 since 2005. In that time, Steve covered the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Civil Unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, Illegal Immigration along the US/Mexico Border and too many wildfires to count.

The Arizona Republic once said of Steve's work, "Gregory uses radio for what it was intended...he takes the listener on an audio journey and puts them in the middle of the action". Steve has won 8 Edward R. Murrow awards, more than a couple dozen Associated Press Awards and at least 3 dozen Golden Mike Awards. Steve's investigative work exposed an illegal billing scam in the Arizona prison system, exposed mold poisoning at an elementary school in LA County, blew the lid off an illegal RV dumping scene in Venice Beach and sped up the public confession of a serial killer in San Diego County.

Steve has produced a number of news specials and documentaries for KFI-AM 640 and iHeartMedia, including the critically acclaimed Death and Life of Kobe Bryant and 9/11: Two Decades Later, both of which were spun off into companion podcasts.

When Steve's not chasing news he's sipping a single malt scotch or enjoying a good steak.

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